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Advantages of a Shred-All Policy

All business documents must be destroyed when they are no longer needed. Implementing a policy where everything not needed is the beginning of a “shred-all” policy. The alternative is selective shredding, where employees determine which documents need to be destroyed. Every organization handles sensitive material, so whether to use selective shredding or a “shred-all” policy is a decision all organizations must make.

Confidential information includes personal information, account details, vendor and customers’ information, and other basic business information. When this information is no longer needed it needs to be destroyed securely to avoid the risk of being compromised. The loss or theft of customer information, whether it be personal or business, can have severe repercussions , including loss of reputation, legal implications, and severe fines as a result of not complying with current data protection regulations.

A “shred-all” Policy has the edge over selective shredding.

Here are some of the benefits for a “shred-all” Policy:

  1. Efficiency. Reduces the burden on staff to make decisions about what to destroy and reduces errors
  2. Effectiveness. There is less chance for something critical to slip through the net and reduces the possibility of human error ensuring that no confidential material ends up in the wrong hands
  3. Fairness: All staff share the responsibility for the organization’s data protection, with no one person being blamed for a loss of confidential information
  4. Staff Training: It is easier to train staff to shred everything than it is to explain how to identify critical confidential and sensitive information
  5. Compliance: Shredding everything means you are not taking chances with compliance to PIPEDA, even if the violations are accidental
  6. Space: Shredding unneeded documents saves expensive office space, (whether filing cabinets, boxes or storage units) which can be used more effectively and profitably.
  7. Cost: The cost of shredding everything is not much more than the cost of shredding selectively. Your processes will be streamlined. Get in touch with us for a quote to see the potential cost savings a “shred-all” policy can provide.

In our experience, a “shred-all” policy has significant advantages over selective shredding.  If you would like to talk about adopting a “shred-all” policy, Knight Archives can facilitate this service for you. You will be certain that your information will be securely destroyed.

Get in touch with our professional team for helpful, friendly, expert advice and a no obligation quote.

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