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April is Records & Information Management Month

What is records management?

  • An organizational function devoted to the management of information in an organization throughout its life cycle.
  • It is a set of activities required for systematically controlling the creation, distribution, use, maintenance and disposition of recorded information maintained as evidence of business activities and transactions. (

Spring is the perfect time to examine how you manage your important business information. Information is a critical asset for the future of your business.

Questions to ask to assess your managed your records are:
*Who has access to your files?
* Where are they stored?
* Do you have a retention policy?
* Who is responsible for the security?

All these questions, and many others are critical to how your information is managed. If any of these questions do not have a definitive answer now is the time to untangle the mess

Integrate Document Scanning Into Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Have you noticed that alarming natural disasters are becoming the norm? Hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, flooding from extensive rainfall, we are hearing about these all the time and are becoming desensitized to them. Also, what about the many man made disasters such as electrical fires, chemical spills, data breaches? It is important to take these situations seriously.

Failing to implement the proper backup plans can leave your information and business vulnerable. The industry statistics say that 60% of companies that face a natural disaster are required to close.

Would you be able to handle such an occurrence if a disaster should strike you? Have you ever thought about it? Let Knight Archives show you how document scanning can contribute to your disaster recovery program and improve your day-to-day business efficiency levels as well. As with any business, your data is what keeps your company running successfully. Protect it and the longevity of your company. Don’t become a statistic.

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