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Are you prepared for a disaster?

The recent hurricanes and natural disasters worldwide are a timely reminder that businesses need to be prepared for the worst and have comprehensive back-up plans in place – before they actually need them. Without a plan, you could end up losing weeks of valuable income and being wait-listed to get the relief services you need. Although the Niagara area rarely sees hurricanes, disasters do come in other forms such as fires, floods, server failure, etc. How long would it take your business to have all the information it needs at hand to continue the day-to-day economics that keeps you in business? Would your information be readily available?

Would your staff, your customers, and your suppliers be able to contact you and continue the continuity of the business within a short time period?

The Wall Street Journal suggests “businesses should also make sure their technology needs are in order, such as backing-up and storing off-site.” (Tues Sept 16,2008)

Don’t say it’ll never happen to you!  Contact Knight Archives ahead of the next disaster!  Email or call 905-563-0847

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