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Cleaning Out the Garage

How many of us consider cleaning out the garage a job to be put off as long as possible? There does come a time when the inevitable must be done and we acquiesce to the occasion. How many companies feel the same about information management? We try to put it off as long as possible. Again, there comes a time when the situation must be addressed. There are many reasons for this; the company requires data from the information for some business reason, the CRA comes calling, there is simply no room to store the upcoming year’s information, the company is closing or has been sold…the list goes on and on.

2022 is the year to implement an information management system. Yes, it will take some time and effort, but once the task is accomplished your office will run more efficiently and be more cost effective.

Just as reorganizing your garage gives you a sense of accomplishment, a reorganization of your business information will contribute to the bottom line.

                                                          How do you get started?

An effective information management strategy is contingent on knowing what manner of information you have. All information coming through your doors should be categorized into storage or disposal. This can be very confusing, but if your company has procedures for the task of information management, the whole process becomes easier and employees are not left to make important decisions on their own. Here are some questions to be asked to help with this process.

Does this need to be stored?

  • Does this need to be retained for legal or operational reasons for a year or more?
  • Is this document used infrequently?

If the answer to this is yes, then consider a professional document storage company like Knight Archives.

Does this need to be scanned?

  • Is this document used frequently?
  • Do many people access this document?

If the answer is yes, then consider a professional document storage company like Knight Archives.

Does this document need to be shredded?

  • Has this document reached the end of life for legal or operational reasons?
  • Is this a duplicate copy?
  • Does this document have any critical or personal information that should be securely destroyed?

It’s time to call a document destruction service. Knight Archives will securely shred your documents.

Information management can certainly be performed on an in-house basis, but many companies find outsourcing to a professional service provider, like Knight Archives, is cost and time effective.

Knight Archives has been protecting information since 2007 and has both the experience and equipment required for secure storage, scanning and document destruction.

If you would like more information on any of our services, please call us at 905-563-0847 or send us a message online to (

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