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Why you Need Off-site Data Storage

Today’s digital information is typically stored on a server somewhere, even if it is the “Cloud”. Eventually everything typically ends up on tape. It is imperative that these tapes be stored offsite, as part of your Disaster Recovery Plan. According to recent statistics, 71% of companies who experience a disaster of some kind never recover from the loss and fail within three years. Even if your information is stored in the “cloud” and can be restored, the cost is very high.

Many hear the words Disaster or Disaster Recovery Plan and think of hurricanes, tornadoes, fires etc.  Thankfully in southern Ontario we are sheltered from much of that.  We do get flooding from time to time but natural disasters aren’t on our minds.  Many of the local businesses around us see the importance of having their information somewhere offsite and they store their records in the cloud.

No business is immune to another form of disaster – which is hacking.   Ask around and you will hear the stories of the costs both time and money of restoring your data after a hacking.  Restoring from cloud data is time consuming and expensive!

Tape restore is much more cost effective and adds another level of protection to your Disaster Recovery Plan. Knight Archives offers, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly secure tape rotation and storage.  Have that peace of mind knowing that your backups are not JUST IN THE CLOUD!

Learn more: and contact Knight Archives for a free no obligation quote to show you how tape rotation and backup security can protect the longevity of your organization.

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