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Document Shredding: Why Do You Really Need It?

Document Shredding: Why Do You Really Need It?

You may have only heard of secure document shredding. Some one may have mentioned they were doing it or you may have seen our trucks. If you are like most people, you may think that is only for other people or large corporations. I can do that myself, if I feel I need it. Unfortunately, it is thought like these that could cause expensive consequences when you least expect it.

Secure document shredding is not a case of whether you need it or not, it is an issue of how long can you ignore it? Identity thefts, data breaches, and cyber theft are on the rise. Secure document shredding is good for your employees, customers and suppliers and ultimately for your business in both the long term and short term.

Not convinced? Here are three main reasons why you should implement a shredding policy.

  1. Document Security Matters:

Information is one of the single most valuable assets your company will ever have, whether it is your own personally identifiable information or that of your customers, suppliers or employees.

It is what data thieves want most, and they can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage with just a few pieces, like a name and an address. The time and expense, as well as the company’s reputation, to handle this is beyond monetary assessment. Even if you don’t work in an industry that deals with personal information, you still have a responsibility to protect the information in your care. A loss can directly affect your business.

  1. It Actually Saves Money:

You decide (rightly) that document security is important, so you take on the task of “in-house” shredding. You allocate several thousands of dollars on an office shredder and you assign an employee to process and shred. Who decides what should be shredded? Where does the shredded paper go? Putting it in a plastic bag on the curb for landfill, is asking thieves to take it and reconstruct it.  How much is that costing you per month, just in terms of lost employee productivity and time?

We are not going to consider the cost of repairs when your shredder breaks or jams. Where are the documents being stored before they are shredded, Perhaps in an open bin in the hallway? Even with the best of intentions, your “in-house” shredding operation is costing you money, taking an employee away from their work, and you are not getting the quality of shredding that you need.

Let’s contrast that with a professional shredding company like Knight Archives. Locally owned and operated, they already understand the information laws that apply to your industry and location. They arrive on a schedule you determine, collect whatever documents you have from secure shredding consoles (that they provide, free of charge), shred them in our secure facility, provide you with a Certificate of Destruction if required and remove the particles for recycling.

That’s it. That’s all there is to it.

In a single short visit, you have done everything that would have cost you thousands of dollars and weeks of lost time. The only decision you have to make now is how best to spend the money you saved.

  1. It’s Your Way to Stay Compliant:

As described above, a professional shredding company has already done the research for you. Every aspect of the service from how the employees pick up a piece of paper to the tooth guage of their shredding machines, has been designed to maintain full compliance with PIPEADA regulations. That means no stolen papers, no improperly discarded records,  and a greatly reduced chance of being held liable for any misplaced information. That is worth months of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Secure Document Shredding from Knight Archives

If you are ready to give secure document shredding a try, you can do it with no risk. Knight Archives offers a 30-day free trial* which means you can experience our superior customer service before you commit to long term shredding. There is no “off-the-rack” shredding plan. We work directly with you to create the most cost effective shredding schedule for you and your business, so you will always get the most value possible.

For more information on Knight Archives and the storage, scanning and shredding services we provide , give us a call at (905)-563-0847


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