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5 Tips to Better Records Management

Five Tips To Better Records Management

Over three quarters of organizations see information chaos as a major problem for their organization. It is going to get tougher. 35% of organizations believe the volume of data and information will grow more than 5-fold in the next two years. This is a sink or swim moment.

To keep you afloat in the rising tide, these 5 points can be considered a life raft.

  1. Sort and index documents- classifying your documents should align with what would best support your business and daily activities
  2. Find the best storage solution- where you store your records has a direct impact on your ability to manage them efficiently
  3. Implement a shredding policy-the final disposition of information should include a shredding policy that is most importantly secure, but also simple and efficient
  4. Make file retrieval efficient-having one of your employees search for a file or drive to a storage unit to find a file is extremely time consuming and inefficient
  5. Have a business continuity plan-it is important to make sure you have access to your business information should the worst happen

Implementing these tips into your business will help get you on the right path to properly manage your records. Contact Knight Archives to learn more about how our certified experts can increase security and efficiency for your vital business information.

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