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March is Fraud Prevention Month

March 2024 is the 20th anniversary for the month- long fraud prevention initiative. It is important for businesses and individuals to recognize and be constantly protecting their information.
Experts predict that data breaches will cost the global economy $9.5 trillion in 2024. Biggest Data Breaches And Cyber Hacks of 2024.
The old saying is true: knowledge is power. Avoiding fraud is all about knowing how to recognize the signs, reject the claims that seem too good to be true and reporting them to the authorities. Seniors and vulnerable adults are frequently the targets of scams. Fraudsters continue to target Canadians, stealing their hard-earned money and leaving them devastated.
1)Keep your personal information safe, an identity thief will go through garbage and recycling bins. Knight Archives strongly suggests you securely shred all information, whether it be personal or corporate.
2)Train your staff on your company’s information security policies.
3)Maintain up-to date firewalls and security on your IT systems.
4)Store information in a safe secure site. Knight Archives suggests in a secure off-site record centre to give restricted access to the information.
5)Don’t leave information on your desks unattended.
6)Use reputable service vendors for shredding, scanning and storage.
Be prepared Be vigilant Be safe

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