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Reasons to Outsource your Small Business Shredding

Reasons to Outsource your Small Business Shredding

 How does your company dispose of confidential records? We offer several reasons to outsource your shredding to a qualified paper shredding company.

1. Identity Theft Prevention.

Shredding yourself can lead to exposure of personal information, especially when they are tossed into a clear plastic bag and left at the curb or put into a recycle bin. A shredding service reduces your identity theft exposure by offering professional destruction within a chain of custody. Knight Archives will use locked containers to transport your paper records to a secure shredding plant where the entire process is monitored.
2. Sustainability.

Tons of paper waste is dumped in landfills every year. A shredding company that offers eco-friendly shredding ensures that your shredded waste is recycled. At Knight Archives  shredded material is sent to a pulp mill for recycling into brown paper towels.

3. Cost.

Having your employees shred documents is costly and time consuming. Small office shredders can’t handle heavy and frequent use, resulting in jams or entire breakdowns. Our shredding service eliminates expensive maintenance or replacement of your shredding machines as well as having to pay your employees instead of doing their core tasks. Your shredding provider places secure shredding collection containers that are strategically placed throughout your office, enabling confidential documents to be disposed of quickly. The number of collection containers and the collection timing is dependent on your volume of information.
4. Compliance.

Businesses have a legal obligation to protect personally identifiable information (PII). The following regulations contain specific requirements for the storage, control, access and destruction of PII. : PIPEADA. GDPR.  A paper shredding service can help ensure your company’s document destruction policies and procedures comply with provincial and federal privacy regulations.
5. Brand Reputation.

A strong brand is one of your organization’s most valuable assets. A data breach can cause long-term damage to your brand reputation. Professional shredding protects your brand by providing reliable and secure destruction of confidential documents. After destroying your records, your shredding partner issues a Certificate of Destruction proving your company’s due diligence. Knight Archives offers shredding services for businesses throughout Niagara.

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