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Are you thinking of going “Paper-Lite”?

Most companies today use a “Paper-lite” or hybrid information management system using both paper and electronic information. Knight Archives is in the position to facilitate these companies, by providing both cost effective options for storage and scanning. All scanned information is stored for 3 months in our secure facility and then the paper copies can be authorized by the client to be destroyed by Knight Archives shredding services or entered into our record storage facility. This provides a seamless process for you.

Scan on Demand

Converting physical records to their digital counterpart can seem a daunting and expensive task, especially when you consider the fact that your company may not need every physical file it has to be converted to digital format. While the traditional imaging process encompasses all files and records of your business, Knight offers a hybrid service called Scan on Demand”.

Scan on Demand is a solution that enables your company to store its physical records in our secure records centre, and request files as needed to retrieved, prepped, scanned and digitalized. The files are then returned to our storage.

The file is then available through our secure online access on your desktop or mobile device.

This service reduces the cost by only scanning what is needed and does not require any capital outlay.


Archived records in storage are sometimes scanned into digital format to be more beneficial to the running of a business. You may quickly view the scanned images from many locations, saving staff’s time, courier costs as well as physical storage costs.

Documents are prepped, scanned-and checked for readability and clarity. The images are then able to be viewed on CD—ROMs or DVDs. The physical records will be stored in our secure facility for three months to confirm the accuracy of the images. At that time you may authorize destruction by Knight Archives or continue to store the until end of life.

Day to Day

Running a business on paper is becoming increasingly costly and slow. A study by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) found that two-thirds of surveyed companies felt that the slow processing pace for paper will become unsuitable for businesses in a few years. In another study by the International Data Corporation, 62% of businesses believe that the slow system of processing papers prevents them from making as much revenue as they potentially could.

If a complete e-records environment is your eventual goal, Knight Archives can create a scanning schedule for your offsite files, this opens the door to faster electronic access.

If your company is struggling with how it is going to transition its information to digital format, call Knight Archives for a free, no obligation consultation.

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