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Where should I store files?

Company information, (paper, digital or hybrid) is an essential asset of your company. Requirements to maintain these for a length of time is dictated by the Government and your industry. Where do you store them securely and cost effectively?

Storing files on your office can be overwhelming. Boxes is documents take up space and require constant upkeep. Organizing and storing files is time consuming and need to be done on an ongoing basis. You will need to have someone from the management staff in charge of document records to oversee and train staff. The best cost effective alternative is to use a professional records management company to take care of maintaining and storage of all your documents.

Controlling the organization of files is a necessary ongoing function that will  require staff, whether to store at your own premise or at a mini storage location. It takes time and effort to locate files when needed. Of course there is an ongoing monthly rental expense that doesn’t include manpower. All these costs add up and can actually end up costing you more than facilitating a records management company to do the entire job for you.

When you use a records management company, like Knight Archives, all the work is done for you. Your files are organized and stored properly, safely and efficiently. Locating information is as easy as a phone call or or order on line. Your boxes are on a controlled environment, not accessible to the public or staff. Outsourcing just makes sense from a business perspective; it allows you to have your records when you need them, yet have no need to supply additional manpower or lose precious time waiting for files to be retrieved

Call Knight Archives for a quote. Knight Archives will provide a cost effective solution specifically for your needs.


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