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Are you shredding?

Data breaches are on the rise and the GDPR and updated PIPEDA laws make the penalties expensive to companies not protecting their information. The reputation of your company relies on secure information destruction. Do you do your own office shredding?

If so do you receive a certificate of destruction to prove you destroyed securely? Do you leave your shredded material on the curb so an identity thief can put it back together? How would you respond to a client that had their information stolen?

The only way to ensure consistent, proper, compliant, and secure destruction is for appropriate and accountable department leaders to develop and implement failsafe, decision-free solutions. Knight Archives is available to train your staff, help develop a destruction policy, securely shred your information and provide a certificate of destruction.

Knight Archives is celebrating Earth Day again this year!  Proceeds from shredding from April 3- April 28, 2023 are being donated to the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority to plant trees for the restoration project along Forty Creek in Grimsby.  Shred with us during “Shred your way to Conservation!”

One Time Shredding Purges

Large or small; Knight Archives offers secure one-time shredding service customized for you and your industry. We pick up your boxed records or deliver secure bins to your location. Your private documents are transported in our secure vehicles and shredded in our secure facility by insured staff. We follow the strict up to date rules put out by NAID (National Association for Information Destruction).

Every time we shred your documents we give you a certificate of destruction that you can use to show you are compliant with information privacy laws. This may be the most valuable benefit of our shredding service.

Don’t risk letting your outdated documents fall into the wrong hands!
Take advantage of our one time shredding service today!
All shredded paper is 100 % recycled.

Scheduled Shredding

PIPEDA and GDPR laws teach us that document destruction is more important than ever. For current information that should be destroyed in a timely fashion, Knight Archives provides free locked consoles to collect your confidential paper. Pickup is scheduled according to your needs and monitored to be sure you are getting the timing that is best for you. We advise everyone to develop a “shred-all” policy for enhanced security and compliance with privacy laws.


How do you protect yourself against Identity Theft?  Knight Archives is here to help.  Bring your material to be shredded to our office, fill a bin, pay by cash, debit, or credit and you will have experienced our EZE shred experience.  It’s also easy to call and schedule a pickup, fill the bin/have your boxes picked up, and make the payment.

We also offer prepaid shred bags, buy the bag (we can even mail it to you), fill the bag, and drop it off at our location or call for a pick-up for an extra fee.


Knight Archives is an active member of NAID Canada.

NAID-Canada believes:

  • Documents are only as secure as the weakest link in their lifecycle.
  • Information protection is a vital issue to the senior management of all organizations.
  • Every organization should be legally obligated to appropriately safeguard personal information.
  • Organizations need to be as careful in the destruction of documents and records as they are in protecting them on their premises.
  • There is a significant risk to reputation and competitive position for organizations that do not use secure destruction techniques.
  • Every organization has information that requires secure destruction.
  • Stored records should be destroyed on a regular schedule.
  • Incidental business records discarded on a daily basis should be protected.
  • Recycling is not an adequate alternative for information destruction.

Internal personnel should not be responsible for destroying certain information.

We have a NAID Certified Secure Destruction Specialist on sight to make sure your information is being destroyed securely.


All paper material securely shredded by Knight Archives goes directly into recycled paper products such as paper towels, etc. Make your office greener and develop a shred-all policy, you will be surprised by the number of trees you save.

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