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Can you find the file you need?

All companies are required to keep records for reasons such as complying with government regulations and maintaining a retention schedule. Companies that use the services of an offsite record storage provider save as much as 30% of labour and space costs. Where you store your records has a direct impact on your ability to manage them effectively.

If you have been aggressive and tenacious in your business, don’t let it fail due to improper records storage management. A sensible decision maker will see the benefits to storing their documents offsite rather than on location.

Long or Short Term

Different information has different life spans according to government and corporate requirements. All boxes in storage are identified by unique barcodes for security and these are scanned 3 times; at your location, on our truck, and finally into the racking location.

You are able to maintain your own inventory system for retrievals, interfiles and refiles. By cross referencing your box numbers with the barcode, provided free by Knight Archives, you are able to continue using your in house inventory system. If you prefer, Knight Archives is available to manage your inventory.

Sometimes a short term storage is required for the boxes such as during an office relocation and Knight Archives will work with you for the period required.

Knight Archives offers all new clients a 90 day satisfaction guarantee.


Often information that has been placed in storage needs to be retrieved. Knowing where to find the required information quickly is a necessary requirement for a well-managed company. There are three ways to retrieve information securely stored with Knight Archives. Log on to our secure portal, call and talk to one of our friendly customer service representatives or send a fax with your request and order the file, box or the scan on demand service. Our standard service is next day delivery, but if you require a faster service we can deliver it to you within 2 hours. Pickup of boxes or files is usually timed at the same time as a delivery, to be most cost effective to the client.



You do not have to make any expenditures for new hardware or software, just use your desktop or mobile to log in through our secure portal. Log-in access must be authorized before any work orders will be processed. You are able to order retrieval and pick-ups, authorize destruction, order files to be scanned and even keep your own inventory. All this may be done by our mobile app as well.

Cloud, Tape Backup, Disaster Recovery

Media Storage

Back-up information should never be kept on your premises, just in case something unforeseen happens. Knight Archives can help you develop a rotation schedule for your media to be put into secure off-storage with a plan that works for you and becomes an integral component of your Disaster Recovery Plan. Knight Archives can provide water-resistant traveling cases to protect your media during shipment in our secure trucks.

Instead of exposing staff to the responsibility of transporting current information either to a bank or home, Knight Archives does all the traveling for you in a secure vehicle.

Consulting & Special Services

All companies, big, medium and small, must comply with the governmental privacy laws. PIPEDA, GDPR, HIPPA and other laws must all be considered and embedded into your company’s Privacy Policy. We can help you prepare a disaster recovery plan as well as train your staff to be complaint with your company’s privacy and information policies. Knight Archives is able to guide you along the way. Knight Archives can save your employees time by inventorying your boxes and indexing the files within the box, if you wish that to be done. If you wish, Knight Archives can save your employees time by inventorying your boxes and even indexing the files within the box prior to removal to storage. All can be done cost effectively.

Online Access


Knight Archives boxes for legal/letter storage are available for purchase in packs of 15. The lid is attached so you never lose the top. Our boxes are guaranteed while stored inside the record centre. Call us for pricing.

Turtle media cases are perfect for protecting and transporting your media. They can be ordered in various configurations with the option of waterproof or water resistant. Call us for pricing.

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